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About Us


Bookagri.com is an agritourism experiences & destinations development company with a registered brand that has marked Jordan as an agri tourism destination. Bookagri offers the experiences and destinations it developed on its online platform and Android mobile App to be reachable for tourists. Agritourism is gaining popularity as a travel experience and will reach up to $117 billion of global market size in the year 2027. Many countries are experiencing rapid growth in this industry such as India, the MENA region, Philippines and the Far East. Bookagri.com was established in July 2015 as a non -profit that turned into a profit company in 2018 developing more than 30 unique branded experiences in Jordan that are connected in 4 destinations in 4 Governorates. Bookagri is dominant in Jordan as the BRAND for agri tourism businesses and farm activities since it connects tourists, expats, bound and inbound visitor with a range of agritourism experiences that did not exist before 2015 (before Bookagri's existence). This website helps shed light on the importance of agritourism and is open to related businesses to register and gain access to the visitor's market. By bringing this business to the forefront of the global market, we encourage self-employment in the rural areas, while helping people develop a respect for nature. Agritourism helps farmers maintain their farms and stay in the farming business by using their skills to produce authentic products and share experiences with visitors as an added source of income. Once the farmer’s profiles are on the website they will be accessible to those interested in Bookagri and its agritourism business. Bookagri.com will reach millions of people across the globe through Franchising the brand and spreading it to the world. Based in Amman, Jordan, Bookagri.com will be linked to many agritourism agencies all over the world from this very central location.